White Machine is coming

I have finally finished “White Machine” and “Sweet Embrace” has been re-mastered to fit better in your ear like ear candy. We added “White Machine” to the end of the album with an awesome rap fill by the amazing Matt Sirreal Dunae. aka Sirreal.

Of course as soon as you send your album off to the manufacturers you decide that you want some vocal harmonies on a track…..but, it’s too late. You gotta let it go. You can add those harmonies during live performances….and maybe somewhere down the road you may record it again with harmonies. But for now it’s gone out to the universe.

I am excited to play the festival gigs I have coming up. The band is sounding great, everyone is in fine form and we are stoked ! Locked and loaded !!

It’s been an amazing summer so far, with lot’s of musical adventures. I got to see Bonnie Raitt again, she never ages I swear. She was great….sassy ! Sings like a bird. I had a really good show at the Queens on July 15th – some uber- talented musicians came out to play and they packed the place. It was nothing but good vibes and good music in the air. I have been playing a number of Farmers Markets,  I love to play these, I get so much good organic produce, baked goods, meat, honey, dairy , bath care, jewellery and pottery.

For sure one of my highlights was the Bamfield gig with Phil Dwyer and Gerry Barnum. Bamfield is magic all by itself, but add Judy and Barry and their awesome Bistro, plus Phil and Gerry and omg !! it was a brilliant night.

happy summer everyone !


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