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July 23, 2012

As the Tournament Capital of Canada it should be the duty of all Kamloops residents to promote and celebrate our accomplished athletes.

We are proud of NHL stars Shane Doan, Mark Recchi and Darryl Sydor, to name just a few. And theres no way one can forget the accomplishment of Olympians like Nancy Green and Dylan Armstrong.

Obviously, these few are just the tip of the iceberg. Theres not enough space in 350 words to list them all, nor is that the point of this editorial.

But there are others from this city worthy of an equal amount of respect and attention they are the musicians, actors and writers who once called Kamloops home, if only for a brief time.

Within the last two weeks The Daily News has put the spotlight on two such talents: actor Michael Shanks and pilot Chuck Bourne.

Shanks is a Kam High graduate who has done very well for himself, with a starring role in the long-running TV series Stargate SG-1 and a new hit show on CTV called Saving Hope, which is televised Thursday nights.

As a pilot, Bourne might not be a household name, but hes already landed two coveted Hollywood jobs as a stunt pilot on a pair of blockbuster productions.

Bournes flying is visible in the movie 2012 and next month his skills behind controls will be seen in the action film The Bourne Legacy.

Then theres actress Elise Gatien, who has starred in episodes of the TV series Smallville, Bionic Woman, Eureka, and The Guard. She also appears in the upcoming feature film Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days.

Kamloops has also been home to novelist Steven Galloway, filmmaker John Pozer and singer Andrea Smith. Legendary actor Boris Karloff called the city home for a brief time before making it big in Universal monster movies. And Robert Service the Bard of the Yukon once worked in a local bank. In his off hours, he played polo.

Were not saying Victoria Street should be called Michael Shanks Way or Schubert Drive Andrea Smith Boulevard. But it would be nice if residents and City officials alike gave the citys artistic legacy as much respect as its athletes and weathermen.

We Say editorials represent the position of The Daily News and are unsigned. The editorial board of the newspaper includes publisher Tim Shoults, editor Mel Rothenburger, city editor Tracy Gilchrist, news editor Mike Cornell, sports editor Gregg Drinnan, and associate news editors Mark Rogers, Stewart Duncan, Catherine Litt and Dan Spark

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