I’ve been told that I’m not paying enought attention to my site….and I have to say that I agree.

Life has been crazy but things are soon to settle down and I will focus more on you – my fans. Without you I’m nothing….well…I’m something, but I do need my fans in this business. More so than any other. So I’m going o do my best to blog on a somewhat regular basis.

Last week was stellar. It started out at the Garage Showroom in Duncan on sunday night with three other fabulous and talented women who write songs. I have played the Garage a number of times and am sad to see the doors close on this venue. But knowing L. J.  – he will keep the ball rolling at another venue. He’s not called Longevity John for nothing.

On wed I found out that I had been nominated for three Vancouver Island Music Awards. This awesome news made my day !! I am grateful and excited.

Then on thursday night I opened for Hayley Sales at Simon Holt in Nanaimo. That was fun.

Okay…that’s it for now – I’m at work, between students and my next one just walked in.


Peace out People

cheers, Andrea


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