a few “Transition” reveiws

Andrea, you rock!! Love your album, took it on a trip with some other cd’s, never got past yours…. love your voice, and the way you phrase, guitar playing, awesome, and you sure can tell the influence of the rhythm instruments and, clearly, well done bed tracks. Production: fabulous!! Way to go!

Rufus Stewart – Luthier





You know, it’s not very often that an album comes along that captures me from the start and won’t let go–the kind of album you play over and over again for months on end without ever tiring of it. I can think of very few albums that have had that kind of effect on me over the past few decades. Thus it is with great joy that I find two such albums have come into my life in the past year and both feature Nanaimo songwriter-musicians. I had the distinct honor of being the first person outside of the studio to hear Andrea Smith’s new CD, “Transitions” last summer and was among the first to obtain a copy of it (pre-release) last winter. I play it almost daily & it excites me as much now as it did the first time I listened to it.

The other album I still can’t get enough of is The Gords’ 2012 release, “Pick,” an album I purchased after seeing The Gords at the Queens late last summer. Both albums are available on iTunes and elsewhere & I highly recommend them. Keep an eye out for Andrea when she & her band are heading your way. Ditto for The Gords, who will be back in Nanaimo on Friday, August 30th, at Simon-Holt. See you there! (This is an entirely unsolicited post, for the record!)

Lisa Lambeth – music aficionado

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