“Andrea has wonderful instincts for crafting a great song – and the voice and the authentic spirit to deliver it in a way that is utterly captivating and delightful. I loved her.”
Shari Ulrich


“Andrea Smith has a voice that goes down like freshly pulled honey from the hive. Just enough sweetness mixed with a little sting. Her songs provide a great vehicle for her voice and this ride will take you from where you’ve been , to where you wish you could be. Four bees out of five.”
Mae Moore


“Vancouver Island’s Smith has a fine expressive voice, can write solid, accessible material and has surrounded herself with great players from Miles Black and Phil Dwyer to producer/guitarist Pat Coleman. Radio will go nuts trying to categorize her but this is good stuff. B”
John P. McLaughlin – The Province, Feb 6th, 2007

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“ A velvet-voiced blues, roots, rock and jazz singer falling somewhere between Bonnie Riatt and Kathleen Edwards with hints of Eva Cassidy, she certainly possesses the knack of capturing a big emotion or life event in a straightforward language that hit’s home” David Morrison – thefreelancewriter.ca

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